Officers & Members


Donald Antigiovanni
Car 401

Chief Antigiovanni has been a member of the FVFD since August 1969, and was promoted to Lieutenant in 1981. Chief Antigiovanni worked his way up through the ranks, serving as Captain in 1984, Deputy Chief in 1986, second in command in 1987 as Assistant Chief, and achieved the position of Chief in 1988. From 2008 to 2010 Assistant Chief Antigiovanni held the rank of an Assistant Chief, and served as Deputy Chief from 2012 to 2014. Chief Antigiovanni served in the position of Assistant Chief again from 2014 to 2016. Chief Antigiovanni became Chief of the department again in February of 2016. Chief Antigiovanni previously served as the departments treasurer from 1978 through 1981.

Representing the FVFD for twenty years, Chief Antigiovanni assisted the department in implementation of the medical and rescue program. During his first term he also helped establish the town's highly successful cadet firefighting program.  

Certifications:  EMT, Firefighter I/ II, HazMat Operations, FEMA, NIMS, Emergency Management

 Assistant Chief
Mike Grabulis
Car 402

Asst. Chief Grabulis began in early 2001 as a cadet , and has been serving since 2004 as a member of the FVFD. In 2006 he became an Officer and is currently the chief of operation of the department. Chief Grabulis is responsible for supervising all department & field operations.

Certifications:  EMT, Firefighter I/ II, HazMat Operations.


 Assistant Chief
Brett Baio

Car 403

Assistant Chief Brett Baio has been a member of the FVFD since August 2000, and has been an officer since 2004.

Assistant Chief Baio is responsible for  the firefighters gear and equipment, and all new member applications.  This process includes receiving the application, and guiding the applicant through their probation and orientation time.

Certifications:  EMT, Firefighter I, HazMat Operations

Deputy Chief
Karl Westerberg

Car 404

Deputy Chief Karl Westerberg joined the FVFD in 1988, and is a third generation Town of Farmington firefighter.

Deputy Chief Westerberg is in charge of the training program for the department.

Certifications:  Firefighter I/II/III, HazMat Operations

Neil Westerberg
Car 405

Captain Neil Westerberg joined the FVFD in 1989 and is a third generation Town of Farmington firefighter.

Captain Westerberg is in charge of the Engineer Program and the day to day upkeep and maintenance of the departments apparatus.

Certifications:  Firefighter I/II/III, HazMat Operations.

Keith Slater
Car 406

Captain Kieth Slater started as a Cadet in 2003 and has been a member of the FVFD since August 2008.

Captain Slater is responsible for the medical section at the department, which includes managing medical equipment, programs, and driver training for the medical truck. Captain Slater is also the medical adviser for the town's cadet program.

Certifications: EMT-Paramedic, Firefighter I/ II , HazMat Operations, ICS 100/ 200/ 700/ 800


Michael Lusitani

 Car 407


Benjamin Troup
Car 408

Simon Censabella 
Car 409


Austin Barnes
Car 410

Zac Coulombe
Car 411

Lieutenant Coulombe started as a cadet in 2009 , and became a member of the FVFD in September of 2012. Lieutenant Coulombe became an officer in January of 2015.

Lieutenant Coulombe's duties include assisting the Medical Captain with the departments medical program.

Certifications:  EMT, Firefighter I/II, HazMat Operations

Duty EMT
Casey Flynn
Car 412

Duty EMT
Katherine Wollenberg 
Car 413

Duty EMT
Mary Jason
Car 414

Business Officers


Todd Jones 

Vice President 
Bob O'Meara 

Stephen Jones 

Mary Jason 

Current Members

Amato Philip
Antigiovanni Donald
Armington Jeffrey
Baio Brett
Barnes Austin
Censabella Simon
Chakraborty Nitya
Coulombe Alek
Coulombe Zac
 DeMeo Nicholas
Domack Robert  
Dutil Kenneth
Flynn Casey
Grabulis Michael   
Jason Mary
Jones Stephen
Jones Todd
Knackstedt Bryce
Kovolski Jason
Kwas Michael  
Lustiani Michael
Marsh Dan
Marshall Doug
Mastrobattista Peter  
Murray Jon 
O'Meara Robert
Perbeck Dave
Pratt Sean
Scott Spencer
Sheridan Thomas
Slater Keith
Slater Thomas
Stafford Robert
Stuart Matthew
Talit Ron
Troup Benjamin

Vibert Michael
Vibert Patrick

Vibert Timothy
Westerberg Karl
Westerberg Neil

Williams Preston
Wollenberg Katherine
Wollenberg Paul


Past Members

Day William 
Durant Edward 
Wadsworth Winthrop
Hawort Raymond
Haworth J.Charles
Barber Fred
Brancheri Joseph
Mitchell Edward
Fasolo Armando
Fleming Wayne
Deming Earl H. 
“Chick” Pratt Winfred 
Pannone Marino
Collins Lawrence
Onidi Silvio
Goodfield James
Vona Joseph 
Wadsworth William
Rosati Ambrose
Mahannah Norman
McCann Martin 
Christensen John
Cadwell Frank A. 
Brogard Alfred
Rosvall Bill 
Slater Andrew 
Talit Ben
Lauretti Gege
Cadwell Charlie
Wollenberg Bernie
Person Bernie
Harris Henry
Cadwell William
Battista John
Pasler Sr. Frederick
Byer George
Pannone Armento "Snack"
DeMay Donald
Smith Bob
Ayer Jack
Collins James D.
Slater Andrew "Pete"
Jones H. THeodore
Olson Eric A. "Oil Can"
Harris James H.
DiPietro Vincent
Malinowski Andrew B. Mitchell
Sala Albert W.
Olivieri Paul
Hein Herold
Cadwell Frank "Bunky"
Wadsworth Jeremiah
Leone Thomas
Hansen Cliff
Hogan Jeff
Hogan Conor
Perkins Dan
Fay M.
Hutchinson Dave
Gifford Paul
Botti Michael
King Jack
Lapierre Michael 
Lescoe Ed